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lion of Judah Jewish Prayer Shawl tallit
Jewish prayer shawl
Lion of Judah Tallit

Purple Lion of Judah Tallit, Men's Tallit, Hebrew Prayer Shawl, Bar Mitzvah Tallit, Jewish Prayer Shawl

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The Purple Lion of Judah Tallit, Jewish Tallit, Bar Mitzvah Tallit, Hebrew Prayer Shawl:

In the Bible, when the patriarch Jacob blesses his son Judah, he alludes to the strength, power and courage of this tribe with imagery of a lion, and it was from Judah that would eventually emerge Jewish kingship, including King David and Solomon. The Lion of Judah has been used as a Jewish symbol since long time.

This Tallit is made of high quality Silk Panel on Polyester and the full Blessing is embroidered on the Atarah, which make this Tallit so unique and beautiful.

Size 20" x 72" / 50.8  x 183 cm.
The Design is repeated on atara and tzitzit corners.
Comes with matching kippah and tallit bag

Alternative sizes available on request for our Jewish Tallits for Men, Bar Mitzvah Tallits, Hebrew Prayer Shawls.

Made in Israel 
Preparation time: 2-3 days 
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